Executive Summary: A New Generation of Ideas

Executive Summary: A New Generation of Ideas

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Reimagine investment in good-paying jobs.

1. American Investment Bank
A public fund that backs small and medium business loans and investments, so risk capital is available to millions more entrepreneurs.

2. Innovation Trust Fund
Will finance a 10-year surge of public and private R&D by ending the offshore tax bias, so that 21st-Century products are invented and manufactured in America.

3. Broadband for All
Will link every American to broadband in two years by fast tracking construction and using public capital to create a private sector race to complete.

4. Boomer Corps
Will create an entirely new category of work through national service, so seniors can earn tax free in retirement.

5. Small Business Bill of Rights
Will guarantee speed, flexibility, and parity to every U.S. small business owner, turning government from an obstacle into an ally.

Reinvent postsecondary education and skills.

6. Re-employment Insurance
Will replace unemployment with a new system that provides not only temporary income, but also grants for training and vouchers for moving.

7. A College Value Guarantee
Will create college accountability and transparency, so every student’s investment in higher education pays off.

8. Apprenticeship America
Will create one million new training positions by financing Apprenticeship Hubs and equipping them with new Federal Apprenticeship Loans.

Redesign the pay and benefits of work.

9. Working Wage Break
Will eliminate all taxation on the first $15,000 of earned income to boost the return on work.

10. Regional Minimum Wage
Will increase wages nationwide, but in a tailored way that’s responsive to the micro-economies throughout the country.

11. Universal Private Retirement
Will guarantee that every worker has both Social Security and a separate private, employer-fed private retirement account.

12. Paid Parental Flex Plan
Will remove the penalties imposed on working parents, so families no longer have to choose between providing for their children or caring for them.

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