The Global Economy: What Is and Isn't Being Done to Keep it Afloat

The Global Economy: What Is and Isn't Being Done to Keep it Afloat

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  • At dinner tables, around water coolers, and in political debates around the country, many are confused about what capital markets do and if they matter to Main Street. Many in Washington, D.C. question the value of capital markets. Third Way's Capital Markets 101 sessions were launched to help answer many of the questions surrounding what capital markets do in order to have a more nuanced, thoughtful policy debate, and help policymakers understand the value capital markets provide to all Americans.

    Following last fall’s sessions with Mark Zandi and Sheila Bair – on February 3rd, Third Way hosted Dr. Carl Weinberg, Founder and Chief Economist of High Frequency Economics, one the country’s premier economic forecasting firms. Barron’s recently noted that Dr. Weinberg is “sought after as much for his provocative views on the global economies as for his deep experience.”

    Dr. Weinberg has unparalleled economic knowledge on China, Japan, and Europe. His “Notes on the Global Economy” and “Weekly Notes on China’s Economy” have become standard, must-reads for business and the press. Dr. Weinberg, who also teaches international finance at New York University, spoke to us about the U.S. and global economy and what policymakers are doing, not doing, or ought to be doing to keep the economy afloat.