Making the Most of Our Electric Vehicle Investments

Making the Most of Our Electric Vehicle Investments

Event Contact

  • Jared DeWese
  • Former Deputy Director of Communications, Climate and Energy Program
  • [email protected]
  • At Superbowl LVI, we saw a record number of advertisements for electric vehicles from some of the biggest names in the auto industry. EVs are on the verge of becoming mainstream, but is the nation truly prepared for this transition?

    On Thursday, March 10, you can learn about steps the federal government is taking to get the country and consumers ready, and what else Washington should be doing to help. Third Way is convening sustainable transportation experts to discuss why it’s so important to build a competitive, viable EV market in the US, how we can efficiently deploy EV charging infrastructure using funds from the bipartisan infrastructure package, and how we can continue to accelerate our transition to electric vehicles by funding research and development, scaling up manufacturing, and securing the domestic supply chain for EVs.


    Michael Berube, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sustainable Transportation, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy

    Heather Foster, Senior Director, National Policy Engagement, Lyft

    Julia Rege, Vice President, Energy and Environment, Auto Innovators

    Eric Wood, Research Engineer, Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences, National Renewable Energy Laboratory