Making Progress on Campaign Finance Reform

Making Progress on Campaign Finance Reform

Press Contact

  • Ladan Ahmadi
  • Senior Media Relations Manager
  • 202-384-1718
  • Too often, people think of Citizens United as a complete barrier to real campaign finance reform. Yet there are ways to address some of the biggest problems around money in politics that don’t depend on amending the Constitution or changing SCOTUS.

    We hosted a conversation about some innovative policy solutions being tried at the state and local level, as well as other potential paths forward that Congress could take right now, together with:

    • Congressman John Sarbanes, Maryland's 3rd District
    • Andrew Bossie, Executive Director of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections
    • Meredith McGehee, Policy Director at Campaign Legal Center
    • Marc Solomon, Principal and National Director for Civitas Public Affairs Group

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