Forging Near-Term Pathways for Licensing Advanced Reactors

Forging Near-Term Pathways for Licensing Advanced Reactors

Event Contact

  • Jared DeWese
  • Senior Communications Advisor
  • [email protected]
  • The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has been working for several years to modernize its regulatory framework to more efficiently review emerging reactor designs. This comes at a critical time, with the world in dire need of additional carbon-free energy to fight climate change and multiple advanced-reactor technologies on the cusp of entering the market. If we can get smart, regulatory pathways in place, the next ten years will be an incredibly exciting time for this emerging technology and for climate.

    Please join Third Way and Breakthrough Institute for a virtual event on Wednesday, October 13, at 3:00 PM ET to explore how the first steps in the industry can guide how advanced reactor technologies are regulated and licensed. Trailblazing advanced reactor companies will discuss their licensing strategies and applicable lessons for other developers. We’ll also hear perspectives from former NRC commissioners on how the Commission can best enable the licensing and deployment of new technologies.

    Opening and Closing Remarks

    Josh Freed, Senior Vice President, Climate and Energy Program, Third Way

    Ted Nordhaus, Founder and Executive Director, The Breakthrough Institute


    Caroline Cochran, Founder and COO, Oklo Inc.

    Peter Hastings, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality, Kairos Power

    Ray Rothrock, Partner-Emeritus, Venrock

    Amy Roma, Partner, Hogan Lovells

    Panel with Former NRC Commissioners

    The Hon. Stephen Burns, Senior Visiting Fellow, Third Way; Former NRC Chairman

    The Hon. William D. Magwood IV, Director-General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency; Former NRC Commissioner

    The Hon. William C. Ostendorff, Former NRC Commissioner


    Adam Stein, Senior Nuclear Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute

    Alan Ahn, Senior Resident Fellow, Climate and Energy Program, Third Way