Firm Energy Sources: How the US and Europe are Financing the Path to Net-Zero

Firm Energy Sources: How the US and Europe are Financing the Path to Net-Zero

Event Contact

  • Jared DeWese
  • Senior Communications Advisor
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  • Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 will require a technology-inclusive approach that utilizes every low- and zero-carbon option. This is especially critical in sectors that are challenging to electrify, like transportation and industry.

    Please join Third Way on Wednesday, September 22nd at 1 PM ET to discuss how the US and Europe are financing the path to net-zero emissions by investing in emerging clean energy technologies. In comparing finance mechanisms for clean energy technologies across the US and Europe, we hope to emphasize the role of “firm”, dispatchable clean energy sources as a complement to renewables like wind and solar. Experts from the Biden Administration, European NGOs, and intergovernmental economic organizations discuss how energy markets are shifting to support emerging clean energy technologies that will play a pivotal role in our global decarbonization strategy.


    Jigar Shah, Director, Loan Programs Office, US Department of Energy

    Josh Freed, Senior Vice President, Climate and Energy Program, Third Way


    Ann Mettler, Vice President, Europe, Breakthrough Energy

    Daniela Lulache, Head of Policy and Coordination, Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD

    Lee Beck, International Director, Carbon Capture, Clean Air Task Force

    Moderated By

    Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent, The Guardian