Bigger than TikTok: A Privacy Framework for America in the Digital Age

Bigger than TikTok: A Privacy Framework for America in the Digital Age

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  • Sarah Bibeau
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  • A lot of the discussion on data privacy has revolved a singular entity, the popular social media platform, TikTok. Warnings of personal information being stolen by the app’s developers has raised national security concerns among policymakers. Still, TikTok is only the tip of the iceberg. US data privacy laws have fallen well behind its counterparts in the EU, leaving troves of user data exposed.

    We talked with experts in the field from government, academia, and industry about where the US currently stands on data privacy, what can be done to better protect personal information, and if it’s already too late. This event was moderated by Third Way’s VP for National Security, Valerie Shen. Our talk also featured two of our newest Advisory Board members for the U.S.-China Digital World Order Initiative, Dr. Steve Weber and Carole House. We look forward to working with Steve and Carole going forward in our mission to fight the spread of digital authoritarianism abroad.


    Valerie Shen, Vice President of Third Way’s National Security Program

    Carole House, Former Director of Cybersecurity and Secure Digital Innovation, National Security Council

    Dr. Steve Weber, Professor and Director of the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, Cal Berkeley

    Melinda Claybaugh, Privacy Policy Director for Legislation, Meta