The End of Quantitative Easing: What’s Next for the Fed?

The End of Quantitative Easing: What’s Next for the Fed?

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  • At dinner tables, around water coolers, and in political debates around the country, many are confused about what capital markets do and if they matter to Main Street. Many in Washington, D.C. question the value of capital markets. Third Way's Capital Markets 101 sessions were launched to help answer many of the questions surrounding what capital markets do in order to have a more nuanced, thoughtful policy debate, and help policymakers understand the value capital markets provide to all Americans.

    In this Capital Markets 101 session, our special guest Dr. Martin Feldstein, former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors under President Reagan and a member of President Obama's economic recovery board, joined us to discuss the basics of quantitative easing, the potential risks and landmines that Fed policymakers face as QE comes to an end, and the tools the Fed has to keep the economy on track.

    Additional pictures from this event are available via Flickr.

    This event was closed to press. It was organized to meet the requirements for a widely attended event as set forth in the Congressional ethics rules.