The 2012 National Security Debate Book

The 2012 National Security Debate Book

As candidates begin to prepare for Fall debates, we know that the focus will be on the economy. But we also know that there are certain to be questions in debates, ed boards, interviews, and town halls about national security. And anyone running for federal office must be prepared to answer questions about the most pressing security issues of our time.

To make it easy for you, Third Way presents our 2012 National Security Debate Book. You can download and print the entire book (above), or pick and choose which sections you need (to the right).

This e-book provides one-stop shopping for anything you’ll need to handle in the area of national security: a quick look at all the hot spots (like Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan), and slightly more in-depth information about defense budgets, the terror fight, etc. We also give you our latest analysis of public opinion on security. And we include our seminal memo on preparing for debates by Ron Klain, who has run debate prep for every Democratic presidential candidate stretching back to FDR (or thereabouts).

The e-book comes highly recommended by our National Security Academy Co-Chairs, Senator Mark Udall and Representatives Adam Smith and Loretta Sanchez, who penned the introductory letter.

We’ll continue to update these papers as we approach November, so that you can always get the latest with our advice on what to know and what to say.

To read this E-Binder, open the attached PDF

  • Defense Policy154
  • Public Opinion138
  • Foreign Relations123
  • Terrorism98
  • National Security & Politics83