All Things Carbon Capture

All Things Carbon Capture

Interactive Carbon Capture Projects Map

Carbon Capture Projects

There are 102 carbon capture projects globally, with 51 in the United States. These projects can capture, store, and utilize emissions from power and bioenergy plants, industrial facilities, and even directly from the air. Some are innovative new concepts being developed by startups, and others have been operating at commercial scale for decades. One thing they have in common: we’ll likely need this full suite of technologies to meet international and domestic climate goals.

Click here to explore the interactive maps and learn more about the different types of carbon capture projects included in the map.

Julio Explains It All: Why We Need Carbon Capture for Climate

Carbon capture expert and Obama-era Department of Energy official Julio Friedmann explains—in under 3 minutes—why anyone who’s serious about climate should be serious about carbon capture.

Negative Emissions Primer

Clean energy technologies like solar, carbon capture, wind, and nuclear are already providing us with some of the energy we need, without the emissions. But, we’re not deploying them fast enough. In fact, we’ve already gone through about 73% of our carbon budget (aka how much carbon can be in the air before warming rises to an unsafe level). We can and should ramp up deployment of clean energy technologies. But, we also have a secret weapon that many experts think we’ll absolutely need to win the climate fight: negative emissions technologies.

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