Third Way Statement on President-elect Biden’s nomination of Jaime Harrison to serve as DNC Chair

Third Way Statement on President-elect Biden’s nomination of Jaime Harrison to serve as DNC Chair

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics:

"Third Way congratulates Jaime Harrison on his selection as President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to chair the Democratic National Committee. As many including House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn have noted, the President-elect had the opportunity to choose someone truly extraordinary, and he did.

"As a former state party chair of South Carolina and a glass ceiling-shattering Senate candidate, Jaime Harrison knows how to both galvanize the Democratic base and appeal to voters in red and purple places. He is modern, youthful and energetic. He recognizes that base and swing voters are combinations of all races and all demographics, from our urban core to the new suburban majority to rural communities where the fastest growing segment of the population is non-White Americans.

"As DNC Associate Chair, Harrison flexed his exemplary leadership skills through his “Every Zip Code Counts” initiative, which increased DNC commitments to state parties to $10,000 a month. His record-breaking 2020 Senate campaign showed the ability to raise the money necessary to compete everywhere in his state, a trait important of a successful DNC Chair. Even more importantly, Harrison proved he knows how to inspire the Democratic base and progressives around the country while also making key inroads winning over voters who had previously not voted or voted Republican in the past.

"President-elect Biden’s historic election united a powerful and broad coalition across the nation to win the White House and deny Donald Trump a second term. His message of fighting for America while healing the soul of the nation stood out in a time of pessimism, polarization, and divisiveness. Like President-elect Biden, Jaime Harrison is both a fighter for all Americans and a healer, in this case for Democrats’ sometimes restive coalition.

"We have a long road ahead toward the midterms. The Biden Administration will be in the process of rescuing and rebuilding one of the worst economies since the Great Depression while combatting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll need someone with the experience, skills, and energy to fight for that agenda, defend our Congressional majorities, and energize our growing coalition.

"We know Jaime Harrison is up for that job."


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