Third Way Applauds House Democrats for a Bold Climate-Focused Transportation Agenda

Third Way Applauds House Democrats for a Bold Climate-Focused Transportation Agenda

WASHINGTON – Third Way released the following statement from Josh Freed, Senior Vice President of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program:

“For too long, federal law has prioritized high-speed car travel while neglecting cleaner transportation options like transit, walking, and biking. As a result, transportation is now responsible for more carbon pollution than any other sector, our roads are less safe for people who aren’t in cars, and low-income communities and communities of color have been left stranded and suffering from more air pollution caused by car and truck traffic. The INVEST In America Act would help reverse decades of misplaced federal priorities. This proposal would finally put us on a path to decarbonize the transportation sector, make our roads safe for all users, and provide underserved communities better access to jobs, services, and cleaner air.”

“We applaud Chairman DeFazio and House Democrats for advancing a bold agenda to overhaul our national transportation program and reorient federal spending towards cleaner, safer transportation options. In particular, we’re happy that the bill significantly increases funding for transit and focuses on maintaining our roads and bridges over highway expansion. This is what smart action looks like: putting millions of people back to work and making our transportation network cleaner and safer.”

Third Way previously released with Transportation for America a federal policy agenda to decarbonize transportation, as well as a scorecard comparing the House and Senate surface reauthorization proposals. More information on how the House bill tackles carbon pollution is available here.


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