Third Way Applauds Biden-Harris Administration’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels Target

Third Way Applauds Biden-Harris Administration’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels Target

WASHINGTON – Third Way released the following statement from Josh Freed, Senior Vice President for the Climate and Energy Program:

“Aviation is responsible for a growing share of transportation emissions, and as air travel begins to bounce back from the pandemic, we need to ensure the industry comes back stronger and cleaner than it was before. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) represent the fastest, easiest way we can begin reducing aviation emissions right now. Third Way applauds the Biden-Harris Administration and industry for coming together to establish a national target for SAF that will help get us on the path to a carbon-neutral aviation industry.

“While this voluntary target is an important step in the right direction, we won’t be able to scale up our use of SAF and meet our emissions goals unless we can bring down the price of SAF to be cost-competitive with fossil jet fuel. Fortunately, we know how to do that: a blender’s tax credit for SAF, which has been introduced in Congress and is supported by the President, airlines, labor, and the environmental community, will help reduce the price of the cleanest fuels so we can begin to bend the curve on aviation emissions. Third Way urges Congress to include this tax credit in the upcoming reconciliation package.”


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