What Democratic Voters Want: Third Quarterly Poll

What Democratic Voters Want: Third Quarterly Poll

Event Contact

  • Matt Coglianese
  • Deputy Director of Development & External Affairs
  • mcoglianese@thirdway.org
  • Press Contact

  • Ladan Ahmadi
  • Deputy Director of Media Relations
  • 202-384-1718
  • lahmadi@thirdway.org
  • Join Third Way for the release of our latest national Democratic primary poll and a discussion on how the 2018 playbook offers a road map to success in 2020. Our panel will feature Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes and other key strategists who helped propel Governor Gretchen Whitmer to victory in this vital Blue Wall state.

    In 2019, Third Way has been conducting quarterly surveys of likely 2020 Democratic primary voters to understand what they want and how to win them over. What are their top priorities? What are they looking for in a candidate? How do they think a Democratic nominee can most effectively take on Trump?

    We look forward to your participation.