Third Way Statement on Horrific Supreme Court Decision on Concealed Carry

Third Way Statement on Horrific Supreme Court Decision on Concealed Carry

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Matt Bennett, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs:

“Today, as the US Senate made real progress on gun safety for the first time in nearly three decades, a block away the Supreme Court took a giant, dangerous step backward. With the ruling in the New York case, states and cities will be unable to prevent anyone from carrying guns virtually anywhere. That’s horrific enough. But Justice Thomas’ decision for the majority is so sweeping that it could upend the careful balance struck in the Heller case and call into question almost every gun safety law in America. That could include even the Brady Act, which has done so much to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

“The decision is ahistorical and bizarre. It is precisely the kind of judicial activism – replacing the judgment of the people’s elected representatives with those of judges – that “conservatives” like Clarence Thomas have always purported to disdain. We will continue to fight for gun safety laws, in the hope that lower courts will find a way around the terrible implications of today’s ruling. America’s profound gun violence crisis requires that we keep up the fight.”


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