Unpacking the National Climate Assessment

Unpacking the National Climate Assessment

Event Contact

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Deputy Director of the Clean Energy Program
  • rfitzpatrick@thirdway.org
  • The day after Thanksgiving, the Trump Administration released Vol. 2 of the 4th National Climate Assessment (NCA4). This congressionally-mandated report explains how climate change is already impacting the United States and what is at risk if we fail to take aggressive action. It’s a helpful tool to inform the U.S. response to climate change.

    But at 1,656-pages, it’s not exactly an easy read. So we’re doing some of the heavy lifting for you. Join climate and policy experts from Third Way and World Resources Institute for a briefing on the key findings of this new report, and how it can be useful for federal policymakers and their constituents.

    Speakers include:

    • Andrew Light, World Resources Institute (NCA Report Review Editor)

    • Lindsey Walter, Third Way

    Moderated by:

    • Christina DeConcini, World Resources Institute