Setting the Standard for Carbon-Free Power

Setting the Standard for Carbon-Free Power

Event Contact

  • Farah Benahmed
  • Former Policy Advisor, Climate and Energy Program
  • Performance standards that require a growing share of carbon-free electricity have proven to be a popular and effective way for states to cut emissions from the power sector. But with national decarbonization efforts expected to rely heavily on increased use of clean electricity for transportation, heating, and other energy needs, it’s time to take a serious look at how a federal clean energy standard can help us achieve our ambitious climate goals.

    Join us for a lunch briefing to explore the opportunities and challenges of setting a national clean energy standard to help get America on the fastest, fairest path to zero emissions. Attendees will get a first look at Third Way’s interactive dashboard that shows the trend toward technology-inclusive electricity standards and targets at the state, local, and utility level.

    This event will feature Sen. Tina Smith (MN), as well as the following panel of experts:

    • Lee Anderson, Utility Workers Union of America
    • Katie Ott, Exelon
    • Jeremy Richardson, Union of Concerned Scientists
    • Lindsey Walter, Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program