Third Way Statement on the Schools Not Shelters Act

Third Way Statement on the Schools Not Shelters Act

WASHINGTON—Third Way released the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy, Education, & Politics:

“House Republicans have found another target for their ‘defund’ campaign: schools. The Schools Not Shelters Act would pull federal funding from any school that provides undocumented immigrants with shelter, even temporarily. By bringing this bill to the House floor, majority is yet again signaling that their priority is to put politics over the welfare of our country’s students.

“During a time when teachers and students are working tirelessly to overcome learning loss from the pandemic, Republicans are threatening to defund schools to protest something that has nothing to do with students’ quality of education. What’s worse, schools in the poorest communities across the country are the targets of this political stunt. If Republicans really cared about students, they’d work with Democrats to invest in our nation’s schools and improve educational outcomes. Instead, they’re focusing on banning books, banning history, and banning migrants. Teachers and students have much bigger things to worry about.

“Republicans have backed out of every major bipartisan immigration reform deal this century, leaving the system outdated and overwhelmed. And now they’re punishing American students for the consequences of their inaction.

“We urge all Members to stand up for students across this country and vote ‘no’ on this bill.”


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