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The 2017 Advanced Nuclear Summit

Published February 15, 2017

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The 2016 Advanced Nuclear Summit and Showcase

Third Way is hosting the second annual Advanced Nuclear Summit on February 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. The entire event will be live-streamed so you can follow along. We'll be incorporating your questions and connecting you with our distinguished panelists.

Join us using #AdvancingNuclear to be a part of the day!

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This year, we'll highlight the enormous benefits that advanced nuclear commercialization can offer the U.S. With some help from Washington, our advanced nuclear industry can deliver substantial economic growth and competitiveness, job creation, and global leadership for America on issues like security and climate change.

We'll explore these unique opportunities with domestic and international leaders in industry, government, and foreign affairs.

Learn more about the advanced nuclear industry

Check out our latest reports and infographics:

  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Advanced Nuclear Industry: 2016 Update
    Third Way has identified a new generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors, along with several established nuclear companies, who are working to commercialize innovative and advanced nuclear reactors in North America.
  • REPORT: Advanced Nuclear 101
    Advanced nuclear technologies are developing more rapidly than most experts expected. In 2015, 48 companies and institutions backed by more than $1.3 billion private capital are working to build the next generation of nuclear reactors. But what are these innovators trying to create? Here we provide a basic breakdown of the most promising designs, including how they work and what benefits they bring.
  • REPORT: Getting Back in the Game: A Strategy to Boost American Nuclear Exports
    The U.S. has been the leading supplier of civilian nuclear technologies to companies around the globe since the dawn of nuclear power in the 1950s. But we've lost the top exporter spot in recent years and risk falling further behind as state-owned foreign actors are increasingly pushing America out of the global market. Three actions can help us reestablish American nuclear exports as a domestic and foreign policy priority.
  • REPORT: Nuclear Energy Renaissance Set to Move Ahead Without U.S.
    Our analysis shows that the U.S. under-spends on advanced nuclear R&D. Worse, other countries outspend the U.S. in nuclear R&D, meaning the U.S. risks losing its international leadership on nuclear energy and mitigating climate change, as well as a slice of the $1 trillion in nuclear infrastructure the world needs by 2035.
  • REPORT: A Step-by-Step Guide to Nuclear Innovation Policy
    To see how policies proposed by the Administration and Congress (and advocates like us) help nuclear innovators move from a good idea to a demonstration reactor, we follow Carla, a hypothetical nuclear innovator, brings an idea to commercialization.


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