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Bernard L. Schwartz Initiative on American Economic Policy

Published January 7, 2016

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The Bernard L. Schwartz Initiative on American Economic Policy is charged with developing and advancing a new, ambitious, post-Obama era agenda aimed at generating long-term economic growth that directly benefits the middle class. Through a series of reports, policy briefs, opinion pieces, public forums featuring national political and thought leaders, and briefings for key decision-makers, Third Way’s new economy work strives to make the twin forces of globalization and technological change work for Americans—not against them.

Through this initiative, Third Way has proposed more than 70 policy ideas to create more skills, more jobs, and more wealth. These policies provide more than $1 trillion in new investments, from an overhaul of teaching and workforce training, to massive revitalization of the nation’s infrastructure, increased broadband, and research and development in the energy and health sectors. And this project seeks to restore the quintessential American promise: if you work hard and play by the rules, success will be yours.


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