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Boatloads of Growth: Recapturing America’s Share of Asia-Pacific Trade

by Ed Gerwin

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In the last decade, America’s slice of the Asia-Pacific export market was cut by 43%.

In this report we forecast that, in 2020 alone, leading Asia-Pacific economies will import almost $10 trillion in goods – expanding the economic pie and offering significant new opportunities for American exporters and workers.

But America faces serious challenges in Asia, most notably a growing number of regional trade deals that shut out U.S. exports.

To get a big slice of this growing pie, America must be a “rules-maker” in the Asia-Pacific, forging comprehensive trade deals to break down barriers to our exports, beginning with the TransPacific Partnership. Doing this could lead to huge dividends: over a half trillion dollars in new U.S. exports each year, supporting over 3 million jobs. That’s a lot of pie!

For an illustration of this challenge and opportunity, take a look at our new infographic America’s Shrinking Slice.

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