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Rage Against the Machine: Independent Registration Soars Since 2008, Democratic Registration Surges Late

by Michelle Diggles, Ph. D

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In December 2011, we released a report showing that in the years since President Obama’s election, Independent enrollment grew in presidential battleground states while Democratic and, to a lesser extent, Republican enrollment declined. This is the sixth and final look at voter enrollment in presidential battleground states. Since 2008, Independent registration is up nearly one million. While Democratic registration was on the decline just before the DNC in Charlotte, that trend has since been reversed, with Democrats registering more than 400,000 in a few short months.

In our final analysis of the numbers in the 8 presidential battleground states with partisan voter registration since 2008, we find:

  • Democratic registration is down 372,827, or 2.5%;
  • Republican registration is up 158,037, or 1.3%; and,
  • Independent registration is up 969,589, or 14.4%.

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