Social Policy & Politics Program | Report

Millennials—Political Explorers

by Michelle Diggles, Ph. D

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As the largest generation in American history, Millennials are poised to remake politics. In this report, we examine the unique worldview and experiences of a generation empowered by information with expanding choices and opportunities for personalization. Millennials have distinct ideas about politics that differ from their parents and grandparents. In particular, Millennials:

  • Eschew party identity, instead calling themselves Independents;
  • Are open to government solutions, even as their concerns about government efficacy grow;
  • Are skeptical of big institutions, such as corporate America and organized religion;
  • Diverge on culture war issues, adopting both liberal and conservative values;
  • Embrace racial and ethnic diversity, including immigrants; and,
  • Question American exceptionalism, instead emphasizing cooperative engagement.

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