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Can we finally fix our broken immigration system? With the current bipartisan Senate proposal, the answer is YES. It clears two crucial tests: it could pass, and it could work.

  • It deals justly with the 11 million already here.
  • It gets tough on future lawbreakers.
  • It helps the economy.
  • It appeals to the vast middle.

If an undocumented immigrant registers with the U.S. government, goes through a criminal background check, and pays a fine, they will be forever allowed to work, travel, and conduct their affairs in America without fear of deportation. For their children, even better—they will be given a fast-track path to citizenship. And down the line, once more is done to secure the border, they can have an eventual chance to become citizens as well.

That’s reasonable for the left and the right.

This memo explains why the Senate plan offers our best chance for reform, and why we should take it.

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