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Inside Politics w/ Bill Schneider - November '12

by Bill Schneider, Cole Mitchell and Jessica Harris

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In this month’s newsletter, Bill writes about how the President’s revolution from 2008 defeated the counterrevolution of 2010. Only one-quarter of American voters say they are better off than they were four years ago, but President Obama carried all but two states that he won in 2008. Why did voters turn out? Fear of the Tea Party agenda. 2012 was the first presidential election in which social issues worked to the advantage of Democrats.

The graphic on p. 3 compares the swing states in 2012 and 1960. It reveals a drastic decrease in the number of battleground states decided by 5% of the vote or less. The parties are fighting over a smaller and smaller number of swing states, just like they are fighting over a smaller and smaller number of swing voters. The back-page graphic breaks down the 2012 election results and the candidates’ electoral vote counts.

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