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Our inaugural "State of the Center" poll goes in depth to understand the values animating the political middle. REPORT | One-Pager | The Atlantic Article | SOTC Poll Website

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No One Likes a Frontrunner

Square_thumb by Bill Schneider If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, she may defy the Democratic tradition. She is the prohibitive frontrunner, at least in the polls. But will she really coast to the nomination? More ►

Teachers Deserve More than a Free Burrito

Square_thumb by Tamara Hiler The fact that our society has to make a concerted effort once a year to appreciate teachers should be a telling sign that we don’t value teaching as the challenging and demanding profession that it actually is. The most significant way we can honor our teachers is to modernize the profession so that it meets the needs and challenges of a 21st century career, through a major revamp to the way we recruit, prepare, and promote teachers. More ►

Giving Everyone a Reason to Teach

Square_thumb by Tamara Hiler I think it’s no secret that teaching has an image problem, and in many cases, it’s rightfully deserved. With varying certification processes in each state, very few opportunities for advancement within the career, and compensation that rivals that of administrative assistants, it’s easy to see how top-tier Millennials could overlook the many professional benefits unique to teaching in favor of other well-established careers. More ►


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