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What Common Core debate?

Our latest infographic shows Common Core State Standards are more commonly accepted than you may think.

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'Meh' Economy Muddies Mid-Term Election Picture

Square_thumb by Bill Schneider When over 60% of the country believes that things are going well, it is a good year for incumbents. When less than 40% say the country is doing well, incumbents tend to lose. This year, 50% of Americans say the country is doing well. So how will that translate in the election next month? It is difficult to say, but this certainly muddies the mid-term election picture. More ►

Young Teachers Deserve Retirement Protections, Too

Square_thumb by Tamara Hiler Imagine losing $11,000 in retirement, just for moving across state lines. As I recently discovered, the rules of defined benefit plans for teachers reward longevity and punish mobility. It works if you stay in one place and keep teaching, but doesn’t if you switch careers or move out of state, More ►

A Promising New Approach on Assault Weapons

Square_thumb by Sarah Trumble The Center for American Progress (CAP) courageously released a new report acknowledging that an assault weapons ban can’t pass anytime soon, and by doing so, they have reframed the debate, turning attention to a whole new set of policies that have an exponentially greater chance of enactment and would greatly reduce gun violence—including violence perpetrated by assault weapons. More ►


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