New Trade Deals Will Expand U.S. Exports and Support Good American Jobs

Statement of Ed Gerwin, Senior Fellow for Trade and Global Competitiveness

October 12, 2011

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“Today’s passage of the free trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama is welcome news for American workers, exporters, and an economy that badly needs new sources of economic growth and good jobs.

“The trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama will cast aside foreign trade barriers that have made it difficult – if not impossible – for American manufacturers, farmers and service providers to export to these fast-growing markets. Approval of these trade deals by Congress now gives American exporters the same unhindered access that these countries have long had to the U.S. market, and will result in billions in new exports and hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

“At the same time, renewing a strong program of Trade Adjustment Assistance will help assure that the few who are adversely impacted by trade can get the additional training and skills they need to get back in the game and succeed in the global economy.

“President Barack Obama, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and congressional leaders from both parties deserve credit for paving the way for this important package of growth and job-creating deals.”

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