Third Way Statement on the Obama Administration’s Trade Action Plan with Colombia

April 06, 2011

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Statement of Third Way Senior Fellow Ed Gerwin on the Obama Administration’s Trade Action Plan with Colombia

“With Washington locked in contentious budget battles, moving forward on trade presents a rare opportunity for bipartisan cooperation and a chance to significantly grow the American economy without additional Federal spending.

“Today’s agreement with Colombia is a critical development in the Obama Administration’s commitment to promote economic growth and support good American jobs by doubling U.S. exports over the next four years.

“This deal hastens the day when American exporters will enjoy the kind of fair access to Colombia that Colombian exports have long enjoyed in the United States, and it does so in a manner that upholds America’s core values.

“Importantly, the agreement will also help break the Washington logjam that has held up approval of pending trade deals with Korea and Panama and action on other key trade initiatives, and signals to the world that America is committed to the hard work of eliminating the many remaining barriers to American exports.”


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