Third Way Announces Dan Maffei To Lead New Tax Reform Effort

Former Congressman joins Third Way to spearhead development of pro-growth tax reform proposal - New project will explore ways to make tax code more fair, efficient, and competitive

January 21, 2011

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Washington, DC – Today, Third Way announced that former Member of Congress Dan Maffei has joined the organization as a Distinguished Senior Fellow, and will lead a bipartisan effort to reform the corporate tax code. The new project will delve into the current deficiencies in the existing corporate tax code and propose remedies that will simplify and enhance the code in order to make America more competitive, promote job creation, and foster enduring economic growth. Under Maffei’s guidance, the new project will draw on the expertise of leading academics, economists, and policymakers.

Jon Cowan, President of Third Way, said, “Whether in the halls of Congress or in the business community, former Congressman Maffei has built a distinguished record of service and expertise. His knowledge, experience, and passion for a more prosperous America make him perfectly suited to head up Third Way’s tax reform efforts. We’re honored to have him as part of the team and eager to move forward on this important issue.”

Our nation’s long-term growth outlook must improve in order to create jobs, sustain living standards, and secure America’s place in the world. Current economic growth projections estimate a long-term average of about 2%, which is a full point below America’s post 1970’s rate. That rate of growth will not be enough to ensure America’s continued leadership and prosperity.

Strengthening the nation’s long-term economic growth will require action to make American markets and businesses more competitive on an international scale. In a new global economic system where capital is highly mobile, the U.S. corporate tax code is in dire need of modernization. At the same time the code has become longer and more complex, it has become less efficient and has an increasingly arbitrary impact on different types of businesses. As a result, the code has become a competitive drag that hinders investment and impedes job creation.

“Third Way has established itself as a leading moderate voice in the national debate and an influential driver of ideas for growth and middle class success,” said Maffei. “Third Way’s fresh approach and emphasis on creative, pragmatic solutions make it the perfect place to address the critical challenge of reforming the corporate tax code. I’m excited to begin working with them to propose reforms that will lead to increased fairness, jobs, and greater ability for America to maintain its role as the world’s economic leader.”

Former Congressman Maffei represented New York’s 25th District in the 111th Congress, where he served on the U.S. House Financial Services and Judiciary Committees and was a leading advocate for consumer protection and health care reform. Maffei’s service as a Member of Congress built on nearly ten years of Capitol Hill experience gained while working as a senior communications and policy aide on the Democratic staff of the House Ways and Means Committee, and as the chief communications staff strategist and spokesman for the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Senator Bill Bradley. Immediately before being elected to Congress, Maffei was Senior Vice President for Corporate Development at Pinnacle Capital Management, LLC, a financial services firm based in his hometown of Syracuse, New York. Early in his career, he reported on-air and produced news programs at the ABC affiliate in Syracuse and the CBS affiliate in Watertown, New York. Maffei is also a frequent guest lecturer, having spoken at Harvard, Syracuse University, American University, Rutgers, and many others.

Matt Bennett, Vice President of Third Way for Public Affairs said, “Having known Dan for years, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board at Third Way. Not only will his efforts on tax reform make an invaluable contribution to our work, but perhaps even more importantly he’ll bolster the ranks of our Orange faithful heading down the stretch of the Big East schedule.”

Maffei earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, a Master of Science from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts in History and American Civilization from Brown University.


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