Third Way Statement on the Senate Democratic Infrastructure Plan

January 24, 2017

WASHINGTON—Third Way issued the following statement from Gabe Horwitz, Vice President for the Economic Program:

"Playing to win in the ever-changing new economy means making big moves to boost U.S. competitiveness. That’s why we were so encouraged by the Senate Democratic plan to invest $1 trillion in our nation’s infrastructure. This effort to put real, direct federal investment in our country's backbone—rather than just the promise of a tax credit—is critical.

The U.S. was once the envy of the world when it came to modern, cutting-edge infrastructure, but without renewed investment we will continue to fall behind other countries. Our infrastructure desperately needs investment in critical maintenance, modernization, and expansion. Putting off maintenance is costing us in the short run and will cost us big in the long run; the payoffs of investing now, on the other hand, are huge. We can put millions back to work in the short term, create millions more jobs in the long term, improve equity and access for working families, and give our GDP a substantial boost while we’re at it."

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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