Third Way Statement on Senate Passage of Trade Promotion Authority

June 24, 2015

Today Third Way issued the following statement from Jim Kessler, Senior Vice President for Policy:

“The passage of TPA is not just a win for the middle class and for President Obama’s economic legacy, but also represents the resounding defeat of a massive, special interest scare campaign. Despite the conventional wisdom declaring this deal dead, TPA’s passage is a potent reminder of the power of the political center.

“As the fight now turns to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, it’s clear that it will be the most progressive trade deal in history when it comes to labor, the environment, and human rights. We must pass this deal so that China is not writing the rules for commerce in Asia. If Democrats are serious about revving U.S. growth and lasting middle class prosperity, enactment of TPP is an economic necessity. And with a majority of Americans today believing that trade is good for the U.S., backing these deals is now right on the politics as well.

“It is time for Democrats to get out from the shadow of NAFTA and see modern trade deals for what they are, not what they were. We are disappointed that more Democrats did not support this crucial legislation, but we are gratified that enough did. We applaud the 13 Senate Democrats, 28 House Democrats, and the entire Obama Administration who stared down the politics of the past in order to help America and Americans look to the future and compete in the 21st century.”

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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