Third Way Statement on EPA Regulations

June 02, 2014

Third Way congratulates the President on his smart, centrist approach to curbing power plant pollution. Instead of a top-down directive from Washington, today’s proposal puts states [and utilities] squarely in the driver’s seat. The President acknowledges not only the ability of states to lead, but also the plain fact that each state will know how best to craft their own energy future to drive economic growth. The rule reflects many of the principles that we developed in collaboration with NGO and corporate stakeholders.

We are particularly encouraged by the broad flexibility granted by the rule. Instead of targeting one energy source, the President has chosen an approach that puts every strategy to reduce pollution on the table. This allows the states to write plans that embraces solutions that really work for them—whether that’s increased nuclear or natural gas generation, better efficiency in manufacturing and homes, smarter use of coal, or any other strategy.

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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