Third Way rejects GOP’s “morally bankrupt” attack on entitlement programs

January 03, 2018

WASHINGTON—Third Way released the following statement from Jim Kessler, Senior Vice President for Policy:

"Once upon a time there was the Grand Bargain. It was a bipartisan attempt to create a long-term sustainable budget that asked a little of most everyone to build a high-growth, high-opportunity economy. Now we have the Grand Illusion. It begins with an abomination of a deficit-exploding tax bill, shrouded in mysterious budget scoring, written and passed in the dead of night that piles untold billions to a select few. It continues with GOP Speaker Paul Ryan now blaming budget shortfalls on social spending that helps those left behind in the tax plan—middle, working, and low-income families. Next on the table are GOP plans to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare programs like food assistance.

"It is morally bankrupt to cut taxes for the wealthy, finance them with deficits, and then devastate programs that middle- and low-income Americans rely on. We have long advocated for balanced changes in fiscal policy, including raising more revenue and commonsense changes to make our spending programs more efficient. But this latest attack from the GOP leadership is a travesty. Democrats and sensible Republicans should reject any proposals from Speaker Ryan to cut social spending as the solution to the budget deficit.

"Instead, Congress should repeal and replace the tax bill with a new economic foundation that can give all Americans the opportunity to earn a good life. Only a fair and balanced approach to fiscal policy can solve our long-term budgetary challenges as well as provide economic growth that boosts income for all Americans without mortgaging our children’s future."

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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