Third Way Names Dr. Todd Allen, Former Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology at the Idaho National Laboratory, Senior Visiting Fellow

February 08, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Third Way today named Dr. Todd Allen, former deputy laboratory director for science and technology of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), as a senior visiting fellow. He will provide technical support to Third Way’s efforts to pursue public-private consensus on solutions for the future deployment of advanced nuclear technology.

“Dr. Todd Allen’s visiting fellowship is an important component to a national collaboration that is taking place to incentivize innovation, streamline the regulatory framework and policies, and to better define licensing requirements that will incentivize continued investment in advanced nuclear R&D,” said Matt Bennett, senior vice president for public affairs at Third Way.

During his visiting fellowship, Dr. Allen will provide technical support to ongoing efforts to improve the predictability and stability of government energy-related solutions, which offer private sector investors sufficient certainty to support early-stage nuclear technologies.

“With university and national laboratory experience and as part of INL’s efforts to collaborate with non-governmental organizations who support the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear and other advance nuclear projects, I look forward to collaborating with Third Way to help improve nuclear innovation in the United States, both in the federal government and the private sector.” said Allen.

Third Way has been working closely with INL and other U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories over the past several years to propel the commercialization of advanced nuclear reactors. In 2010, Third Way organized the New Millennium Energy Partnership to initiate the publication of “The Future of Nuclear Energy: A White Paper.” Four working groups formed to help develop recommendations on public-private partnerships, financing of nuclear infrastructure and projects as well as new technology development and deployment.

The recent Advanced Nuclear Summit and Showcase represent progress on these ongoing efforts.

Dr. Allen began his professional career as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. He went on to earn a doctorate in nuclear engineering, focusing his studies on how radiation changes the physical properties of metals. Later, as a staff scientist with Argonne National Laboratory, he participated in the development of the Generation IV Roadmap, a document that helped stimulate the nuclear research programs in the early 21st century. In addition, Dr. Allen served as a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin.

At INL, Dr. Allen was an important contributor to the development of the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative announced at the White House in November 2015. He led the transition of the lab’s Advanced Test Reactor into a national user facility, creating a unique distributed network of national research facilities that work together to support novel research ideas brought by universities and private industry. Additionally, he managed the six-institution Energy Frontier Research Center, which focused on answering fundamental questions regarding heat transfer in nuclear fuel.

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