Former Congressman Steve Israel to Join Third Way, Aid in “New Blue” Campaign

January 18, 2017

Washington, DC: Third Way announced today that that Former Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) would be joining the organization as a Visiting Fellow, bringing his decades of experience to bear as the organization launches a multi-year project to help Democrats reconnect with middle class voters and offer a compelling alternative to bring Democrats out of the wilderness.

Mr. Israel retired from Congress after eight terms in 2016. Through his time in government and leadership positions as Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a member of the House Democratic leadership, Israel will be bringing to the organization a deep expertise in middle class economic issues, voter attitudes and evolving swing districts, and an extensive network of thought leaders across the country.

“Democrats are on the cusp of becoming a regional party. We are winning only in the more comfortable and elite coastal areas and losing badly virtually everywhere else. We are thrilled that Steve Israel will be joining our organization and serving as a leader in our New Blue campaign. Steve’s tremendous expertise will be an integral part of devising the economic strategy and messaging that will restore the Democratic Party nationwide,” said Jonathan Cowan, President of Third Way.

Mr. Israel said in a statement, “I am eager to join Third Way’s work on this vital task. I came to rely heavily on Third Way’s insights in my own swing district and as DCCC Chair. They are the smartest think tank in Washington when it comes to innovative policies with broad appeal. And, as I saw first-hand in evenly-matched areas around the nation, we need a vision for the Democratic Party that constructively taps into the unique convergence of anxieties gripping middle class and working families. The New Blue campaign is precisely what our party needs as we rebuild in message, mobilization, and values.”

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