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Inside Politics w/ Bill Schneider - June '11

Published June 23, 2011

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June 2011 – The Inside Politics Newsletter is authored by revered political analyst and longtime CNN contributor, Bill Schneider. He provides monthly insights into the pols, polls, and issues that shape our political landscape.

In this issue: An analysis of Mitt Romney’s progress in his quest for the Republican nomination, an explanation of the different base lines for Senate and House races, a look at the importance of Evangelical voters in the early Republican primaries, and an infographic comparing current approval ratings and the percentage of voters won by Governors in Republican-controlled 2012 battleground states.

JPG of A Taste of Republican Governance infographic is available for download via Flickr

Free for re-use with attribution. Check out our Issuu library to find embed code for your website or blog. Images of all graphics from the Inside Politics Newsletter are available via Flickr.

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