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Inside Politics w/ Bill Schneider - April '12

Published April 20, 2012

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The Inside Politics Newsletter is authored by revered political analyst and longtime CNN contributor, Bill Schneider. He provides monthly insights into the pols, polls, and issues that shape our political landscape.

April 2012 – In this month’s Inside Politics Newsletter Bill discussed the ominous prospect of 2012 becoming the Great Negative Campaign. Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has much of a positive record to run on, especially if the Supreme Court strikes down health care reform. The “fairness” issue may not be enough to get the President re-elected. He also needs a convincing plan for economic growth. On p.3, you’ll see some surprising things about gas prices and about the Jewish vote. The backpage infographic traces the history of the gender gap in presidential politics. Did you know that women voted for Richard Nixon in 1960 while men voted for JFK?

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