APRIL 2011: Inside Politics with Bill Schneider and Amb. Ron Kirk

Held Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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WHAT: Inside Politics with Bill Schneider and Ambassador Ron Kirk
Each month, revered political analyst and longtime CNN contributor, Bill Schneider, hosts private press briefings to provide insight into the pols, polls, and issues that shape our political landscape.

WHEN: April 20, 2011

WHERE: 1025 Connecticut Ave NW, #501, Washington, DC 20036

DETAILS: The United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk, joined political analyst and longtime CNN contributor Bill Schneider to discuss how the Obama Administration’s trade agenda promises to create jobs.

Ambassador Kirk discussed the recent trade agreements with Korea and Colombia, their prospects in Congress and how the Administration expects them to benefit American workers — and President Obama’s re-election prospects. He addressed critics’ contention that free trade leads to jobs being shipped overseas.

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