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Queries for the Cabinet

Published January 9, 2017

Updated On January 11, 2017

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The upcoming nomination hearings and confirmation debates for Cabinet-level national security posts provide Congress with an opportunity to probe the thinking of these nominees and give the American people insights into how they will advise the next President. President-elect Trump’s unconventional approach to national security punctuates the importance of a thorough vetting by Congress. The nominees for State and the U.S. Ambassador to the UN have no previous experience in the Federal government nor in diplomacy. The nominees for Defense and Homeland Security have spent their careers in military service, but will now lead as civilians. Each in some way have disagreed with the President-elect on key national security issues. Now is the time to probe those disagreements.

We are releasing a series of documents for Senators to use during the confirmation process. While myriad concerns have been raised about the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, these questions cover only the national security aspects of his nomination.

Jeff Sessions
Rex Tillerson
Mike Pompeo
John Kelly
Questions for Nikki Haley
James Mattis
Dan Coats

These documents provide lawmakers background information on the nominees, policy concerns, and questions for their confirmation hearings. They address major security issues facing the country, U.S. policy, and concerns that have arisen over some nominees.


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