Why Third Way?

We are a public policy and advocacy organization. Our mission is to create and promote transformational centrist ideas.

In a time of polarization and populism, Americans deserve better than what they often get from the extremes. And American prosperity and security depend on solutions that are not defined by ideological orthodoxy or narrow interests.

Our agenda: economic growth and opportunity, progress on social issues, deep decarbonization to battle climate change, an approach to national security that is both tough and smart, and electoral reforms that empower the middle.

If that sounds ambitious and bold, it may be why the New York Times labeled us “radical centrists."

We aim to influence major policy and political debates, and we do that by running advocacy campaigns that combine deeply researched policy with incisive political analysis. We design our work to be persuasive to elected officials, candidates, the media and other influencers.

Third Way has been lauded as “the best source of new ideas in public policy” (Washington Post), “the future of think tanks” (Reuters), and the "North American Think Tank of the Year” (Prospect Magazine).