Senior Policy Advisor/Higher Education Campaign Manager

Tamara Hiler

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During her sophomore year of college, Tamara Hiler dressed as a “Vote No on Prop 85" advertisement for Halloween. It was then that she knew her love of politics was more than just a fleeting interest. It has been this passion for educating others, promoting voter awareness, and advocating for progress on issues she cares deeply about that has led Tamara on a professional journey to Washington.

Tamara leads Third Way's efforts to reshape the national conversation in both K-12 and higher education policy. Tamara's on-the-ground experience and intimate knowledge of “small p" politics in the education space helped her to spearhead Third Way's seminal report, Teaching: The Next Generation, which lays out five big policy solutions for improving the teacher pipeline. She has also highlighted the need to change the national conversation around college to one of quality and cost in another seminal report, “Incomplete: The Quality Crisis at America’s Private, Non-Profit Colleges.”

Prior to her time at Third Way, Tamara worked as a Network Coordinator for Teach Plus Los Angeles, where she helped to mobilize a network of solutions-oriented teachers working to elevate the teaching profession, and proudly taught 7th grade science and health at Johnnie Cochran Jr. Middle School for three years as a Teach for America corps member in Los Angeles. She graduated with a B.S. in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies from the University of Southern California and holds a Master’s in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University.

Tamara has never been one to shy away from making a bold statement about her beliefs, and she is thrilled that Third Way provides her with the opportunity to impact the policy conversation in a meaningful way every single day.

Follow Tamara on Twitter @TamaraHiler.

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