Executive Assistant to the Senior Executives

Mindi Westhoff

Image of Mindi Westhoff

After more than two decades as a Virginian, Mindi is thrilled to call herself a 3-year resident of Washington, D.C. She even gives directions now, but still doesn't know how to answer the question "Excuse me, are you from here?"

Technically, no. But like many transplants, Mindi has spent her years in D.C. scooping up, in giant armfuls, everything the city has to offer, and she could not be happier. Mindi graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts and Design, and she has worked as a journalist ever since. Before joining Third Way, she was the Industry News Editor for Financial Services and Insurance with news and data company SNL Financial, where she managed a team of 11 writers and editors in the United States, Pakistan and India. Her years running a news desk helped cement her reputation as a grammar nerd, black coffee addict and strong believer in the power of distance running to reduce stress.

A wearer of many hats, Mindi constantly has her hand out, ready to take on another. As the Board Chair for Collective Action for Safe Spaces, she spends her nights and weekends empowering D.C. residents to end public sexual harassment on the metro, in bars and on the street. As League Manager of District Karaoke, she works to foster competition and camaraderie for the district's diverse collection of closet limelight-seekers. She strongly believes that performing provides a unique opportunity for people to share parts of themselves that rarely rise to the surface; to not just sing and dance and laugh, but potentially to heal.

As a freelance photographer, Mindi first crossed Third Way's path in 2013 during the company's annual holiday party. She met wonderful people, snapped a few photos and became an instant fan of their work. Two years and one career change later, the rest is history.