Senior Policy Advisor, Economic Program

Joon Suh

Image of Joon Suh

There aren't too many kids who have to learn to crunch big amounts of data before high school. But luckily Joon Suh was raised by two social scientists. He attributes his strong preference for solutions that are empirically determined and the product of evidence-based decision making to his research-assistant-since-birth upbringing.

Joon is a senior policy advisor for Third Way's Economic Program, which is committed to advancing a pro-growth economic agenda for the middle class. Joon works with Capitol Hill, the Administration, business leaders, economic experts, and leading academics to devise and advance policies that directly increase middle-class prosperity.

Joon believes in realistic solutions that can appeal to both ends of the spectrum—which stems from the working-class immigrant neighborhoods in Queens where he was raised and the deep red parts of Alabama that he still calls home. This belief drove his work as a pollster helping Democratic candidates and organizations find and effectively use the right messages to win campaigns in places where they were not accustomed to winning. Joon was an integral part of an effort that flipped more seats from red to blue than any other polling firm in the country during the 2006 and 2008 election cycles.

Joon has served on Capitol Hill where he advised Members of Congress on both ends of the ideological spectrum—from a conservative Ways and Means member from Alabama to a progressive California Bay Area appropriator. He has also worked as a tax lobbyist at Venn Strategies, helping businesses, non-profits, and associations on matters related to tax reform, retirement security, and trade.

Joon earned his Master in Business Administration and Master of Public Administration from Auburn University, and is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Joon spends his fall weekends rooting on his beloved Auburn Tigers and is tormented year-round by his New York sports teams.