Fellow for National Security

Gary Ashcroft

Image of Gary Ashcroft

As a child, Gary almost drowned while watching his father parachute out of a C-130 into a lake in Central Georgia. Despite this traumatic experience, he grew up with a keen interest in the military and foreign affairs. At Third Way, he gets to indulge that interest while helping lawmakers craft smart solutions to the nation’s toughest threats. 

Gary is no stranger to Third Way – he interned here in 2013 after helping manage a U.S. Senate campaign. When he was not researching Chinese cyberattacks for the National Security program, he was working part-time in the offices of a prominent House Democrat, where he helped paranoid constituents realize that the Muslim Brotherhood was not in control of Congress (fun times!). 

Before his current stint at Third Way, Gary scratched his foreign policy itch by studying at the University of Georgia School of Law. While there, he served as Director of Legislative Research for a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, worked as an international law research assistant, and soaked up the richness of the local indie music scene. During his summers “off,” he researched Iranian censorship policies for a senior UN official and was a Google Policy Fellow at a prominent Beltway think tank, where he analyzed cybersecurity legislation and authored an extensive primer on Internet governance issues.

Gary is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he learned three dialects of Arabic (and curse words in a few others). In his spare time, he enjoys running half-marathons, working out, and reading. He and his wife are the proud parents of a cat that believes it is a dog and love reading the strangely entertaining web series Children’s Stories Made Horrific.