Fellow for Clean Energy

Fahad Siddiqui

Image of Fahad Siddiqui

Fahad fell in love with electricity when he picked up his high school physics textbook. The movement of the smallest particles in our universe has created the biggest change in human history and fundamentally changed the way we live our lives today. It was this phenomenon that led Fahad to pursue his engineering education. After completing his engineering degree, Fahad worked for seven years with energy services companies. During this time, Fahad worked in different dimensions of the energy spectrum interfacing with both the public and private sectors.

In 2014, Fahad made the biggest decision of his life to move across the world from Pakistan to the United States to study at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. During this time he developed his interests in energy further by studying the complex world of clean energy and the interactions between different stakeholders. He soon discovered that his passion is to find a pragmatic solution to one of the greatest issues of our time,  how to deliver energy in a cleaner, sustainable and efficient manner.

During his free time, Fahad likes to watch Netflix with his wife, read poetry, make delicious South Asian cuisine, and spend time with his friends.