Jonathan Cowan

Image of Jonathan Cowan

For three decades, Jon has challenged outdated thinking across the U.S. political system, advocated fresh approaches to intractable problems, and consistently led an internal insurrection against the obsolete notions of his own Democratic Party. Jon channels that same sense of mission into Third Way, which has had, on issues ranging from health care to entitlement reform to same-sex marriage to climate change, a significant impact on America's political debate, influencing strategy and legislation from Capitol Hill to the White House.

He has pursued the same orthodoxy-busting with passion as Chief of Staff for the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Secretary, now New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo; as the founder of Americans for Gun Safety, which fought the NRA to strengthen sensible gun laws; and as the co-founder of Lead . . . or Leave, which became America's largest Generation X advocacy group.

A former Visiting Fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics and author of Revolution X, Jon is a former equestrian, current distance runner, and frequent media contributor who is known for occasionally going on week-long silent Buddhist meditation retreats.