Vice President for the Economic Program

Gabe Horwitz

Image of Gabe Horwitz

Ask Gabe Horwitz why he spends his days working to advance broad-based economic growth, and he’ll give you a simple answer: his son, Grant. Gabe’s first job was working the counter renting VHS tapes at West Coast Video, but he knows his son will have vastly different job opportunities and will need different skills to get ahead.

Gabe directs Third Way’s Economic Program, which is committed to advancing a pro-growth economic agenda for the 21st century. Gabe works with Capitol Hill, the Administration, and business leaders to devise and advance policies to ensure a middle class job can once again support a middle class life.

Prior to joining Third Way, Gabe spent more than a decade developing advocacy and grassroots issue campaigns, serving on Presidential and Congressional campaigns, and holding numerous positions on Capitol Hill. Most recently, he was an Executive Vice President at McBee Strategic Consulting where he advised companies and municipalities on tax, health care, energy, and telecommunications policy.

On the Hill, Gabe served as Legislative Director for Rep. Doris Matsui (CA), worked for moderate, Blue Dog Democrats Rep. Marion Berry (AR) and Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC), and managed committee work across half a dozen House committees, from Appropriations and Budget to Rules and Energy and Commerce. As a congressional staffer, Gabe regularly used Third Way’s work so joining the organization felt like coming back home. He loves working at the intersection of politics and policy—especially when it requires rewriting the old rulebook. And he has always has always valued Third Way as a place that goes beyond just generating ideas—they actually advance them.

Gabe is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Dartmouth College. He spends his Sundays watching the Chicago Bears and barbequing in the backyard with his family.

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