Economic Fellow

Third Way’s Economic Program is seeking a fellow to join a dynamic team that is working to create an ambitious and actionable Democratic agenda that would generate economic growth that directly benefits the middle class. We believe the central challenge facing the middle class is fundamental change due to globalization and technology, coupled with a country, a workforce, and a set of institutions that are simply not ready for this new economy. Because of that, Third Way’s Economic Program is developing innovative public policies to help today’s middle class succeed in a new economic era.

We are looking for creative policy junkies to help us tackle some of the toughest economic challenges. Businesses are no longer required to locate, expand, and hire in the U.S.—globalization and digitization have transformed where and how jobs are created. Gone are the days when just getting a high school diploma was enough—attaining and holding a series of solid-paying jobs now requires far more knowledge acquisition and mid-career learning. And, with entitlement spending already on an unsustainable path, wages squeezed, and defined benefits plans a relic, job-hopping, sharing economy Americans are lacking financial security for their families. These issues—and numerous others—will be critical to explore as Third Way’s Economic Program addresses challenges and solutions for the middle class in the 21st Century.

This position will be filled by a hard-working, self-motivated individual who is interested in learning about moderate politics and how to advance pro-growth ideas on Capitol Hill, the White House, and within the policymaking community. The fellow will report to the Director of the Economic Program and will contribute to a team that is covering a wide range of economic policy and analysis by:

  • Researching, developing, and drafting high-impact and concise written products that advance the case for economic policies that strengthen the middle class;
  • Conducting in-depth, original-source research and quantitative analysis;
  • Distilling complex issues into succinct and accessible formats including policy briefings, memos, and presentations;
  • Developing original legislation and monitoring legislation across a variety of sectors; and
  • Monitoring and analyzing online databases, media, and reports from government, NGOs, and academia to stay informed on targeted economic issues.

A willingness to work collaboratively on a team while taking initiative on individual projects, an aptitude to multi-task on various assignments in distinct issue areas, and a capacity to solve problems creatively and think outside the box is integral to a successful fellowship at Third Way.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in a related field. The fellow will have extensive quantitative experience—including the ability to work with datasets and Microsoft Excel. Strong research skills are a must along with an interest in U.S. politics and the political process. Fellows must be able to explain complicated concepts in a way that makes sense to the general public and engages and excites the audience.

While this position requires strong technical skills, Third Way’s success relies on our ability to build relationships and communicate our message. This includes the ability to exercise diplomacy and discretion in dealing with external groups. Finally, fellows must have a deep commitment to strengthening the middle class and Third Way’s mission of representing Americans in the “vital center.”

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to; include “Economic Fellowship” in the subject line. We place a high value on your cover letter. Tell us about a new idea that you’ve explored in your work. And be sure to show us your personality, too.