Our Thinking Tools

Apple, IBM, and Southwest Airlines don’t leave top performance to chance. They don’t expect their employees to have all the skills they need on day one. They understand that high-performance and effectively handling a huge range of challenges in any job – from Silicon Valley to inside the Beltway – without knowing how to use a diverse set of tools is like trying to build a house using only a hammer.

Third Way is committed not just to producing and advancing high-impact policy and political ideas, but to approaching public policy problems from the most creative, strategic perspective possible. How do we do that? By consistently using “thinking tools” – and we’re making those tools available to you and everyone on your team.

  • Solving problems, from simple ones with staff to complex ones involving many players;
  • Generating new, original ideas;
  • Breaking a policy logjam;
  • Persuading your boss;
  • Communicating effectively, internally and externally; leading productive not rambling meetings;
  • And above all, ensuring every project is done well and on time.

No one enters politics and policy-making knowing how to excel at all of those things.

It is our aim to give you our Thinking Toolkit and show you how to use each tool to spark creativity, build trust, make your case persuasively, and facilitate productive conversations that lead to breakthrough ideas. We believe in giving away everything we produce to anyone who is interested; that’s a fundamental part of the Third Way ethos. So we are excited to make this offer and to support you in building your career and working for what you believe in.  For more information, please contact lwatson@thirdway.org.