Trump Plan to Jail Children Shocks the Conscience

Trump Plan to Jail Children Shocks the Conscience

WASHINGTON—Third Way issued the following statement from Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, Vice President for Social Policy & Politics:

"Instead of mobilizing the government to repair our infrastructure, protecting Americans from losing access to vital health care services, or modernizing our government for the 21st century, today the Trump Administration announced their plan to jail children for indefinite periods of time. 

"Detaining immigrant and asylum-seeking children is inhumane and un-American. In their challenge to the longstanding Flores agreement, the government is focused on eviscerating one of the final legal protections for vulnerable immigrant children. Rather than addressing the real problems our country faces, these regulations are yet another disturbing turn of the screw in the Trump administration’s reckless attacks on immigrants. Administrations on both sides of the aisle have enforced our immigration laws without resorting to undermining critical safeguards for basic human rights and decency. To claim that detaining kids is necessary to protect America’s borders shocks the conscience and flies in the face of both the facts and our values. We condemn this brutal action and call on the Administration to abandon this flawed and immoral policy."


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